Mind Your Head

Did you know that not only what you choose to think, but also how is up to you?

That’s right. YOU are in charge. Not only of what you eat, what clothes you wish to wear and who you will face book with or not today, but also what and how you will think or respond to everything that you will see, hear or read today.

At the Olympic Games in London this past summer, you didn’t have to walk too far to see a sign that said “mind your head” or “mind the gap”. Indeed this idea that we can be mindful of all of our actions, but also our thoughts is something that researchers have understood for years.

The field of psychology is imbued with the understanding that we are more successful in life when we can not only learn to become more aware of our thoughts, but also, learn not to let them and or our feelings get in the way of moving toward our goal or destiny.

I was talking with my dad recently after he returned from a visit to his village in Northern Greece. A retired cancer researcher and molecular biologist, in the last year he’s been nursing his 2nd marriage wife of 30 years. He shared with me that although he’s never been very good at “things” like this, he has been shocked by just how much he has learned to overcome. In fact he shared with me that it never ceases to amaze him just how much potential is available within a human being when they are accepting of a challenge that faces them with love.

Love is a force and although we do not often associate it with our head, it is our decision to abide by the values of commitment, respect and honesty, just to name a few that bring oxygen to the flame of love and allow us to heat up our lives and those with whom we share our lives with.

Over my years, I’ve come to appreciate that its measure is not with a ruler, but rather the presence of fruit. From sustained efforts to seed, sow & harvest, a kind of farmer’s purpose for life, comes the fruits of love which inevitably carry us all through life’s most challenging times.  Of course when we are feeling “stressed”, this is an easy state to loose, but with practice and time, we can learn to build on our reserves in order that our open heart keeps shining for those with whom we choose to love.

In Chiropractic we call this force, innate intelligence, and the more we attempt to control it, the more energy we waste when it comes to our health and healing. Like attempting to stop a wave trying wash ashore, you can’t get in it’s way, it simply finds it’s way around you, innate intelligence is the same.

The dominant health challenges we see in our communities today are not related to physical disease, but rather the accumulation of stresses associated with our attempts to interfere with innate rather than learn to let it work for us. Like a sailor, the most successful are those working best with the wind, the most successful Chiropractic cases we see are those who learn to be mindful of their thoughts and feelings in association with the work they are doing with returning their spine to optimal health.

I like the phrase right between the eyes because in my humble opinion, I believe it’s where it all starts. True vision is not what we see with our eyes open, but rather what we see and hear when they are closed.  Yes, true vision has more to do with being mindful of what we see and hear from within than what we see and hear from without.

Too many of us are attempting to respond to symptoms of stress and feelings of lack as they relate to control, challenge and commitment and as a result end up spending more energy trying to stop the waves, rather than learning to surf.

If you’d like to learn more about how to surf with the waves of your mind and live with a more open heart in your life, join me on Wednesday, Nov. 28th at 6pm here at VC for 2nd and last part of our 2012 Think Well workshop.

Call 905-850-0909 to reserve your seat. $35 for guests (includes spine & nerve system check up)

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