Custom Made Orthotics

Most people including children can benefit from custom made orthotics and/or shoes. Orthotics can provide arch support and help control the biomechanical alignment of the feet, as they serve as a strong base for your posture.

They can also help to protect and support an injury (ex: plantar fasciitis) or help with structural deformities (flat feet, bunion, etc). Custom made orthotics also reinforce the corrective Chiropractic care as they keep you biomechanically aligned ground up. 

There is a full line of shoes with custom orthotics that can be ordered for various needs and ages.

Dr. Amar will need to do a custom fitting and order your orthotics. Vaughan Chiropractic can offer the following means to create your orthotics: foam impression,
gait scan, and/or 3D computerized scan – these are accepted by all insurance companies.

Dr. Amar recommends Evolve orthotics as they are 100% custom made with the highest quality materials.

Please refer to for more information.

Please request an appointment for an orthotics scan by completing the contact form. Dr. Amar will scan your feet and make recommendations according to your specific needs.

*These are usually 100% covered by your extended health benefits; however, we always recommend that you check your benefits prior to purchasing any products to ensure you know your coverage.

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There may be some equipment, supplies or supports (for example: braces) that Dr. Amar will recommend for you to help along with your care. In our centre, we only carry limited inventory of some products. For those that we don’t carry, a special order can be requested. If you have questions about any of the products, or to check if the doctors may recommend them for you please email us,


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