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Breaking Through ADHD With Chiropractic Care

The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association published findings that document how chiropractic care focuses on correcting vertebral subluxations that are a vital part in improving the lives of those with ADHD. There is no standard definition or standard of treatment for ADHD. The psychologist sees it as a mental disorder, the medical doctor looks at a

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Improved Thyroid Function Following Chiropractic Care

The Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research published a case study on March 19, 2018, documenting the case of a chiropractic patient diagnosed with hypothyroidism having their thyroid function improve due to chiropractic. According to the study authors, “Hypothyroidism is defined as the failure of the thyroid gland to produce sufficient thyroid hormone to meet the

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Express Delivery

Originally published September 2012, Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine   Not every labor is a marathon; some take only a few hours. But are these so-called precipitous births really abnormal, or are they more common than we think? Soon after I began assembling a bed frame, which I thought would be a good labor project,

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Dad you may have been misguided about cholesterol

Gov­ern­ment Admits Mis­guided War on Cholesterol For the last 4 decades, North Amer­i­cans have been warned that foods high in fat and cho­les­terol lead to heart dis­ease, obe­sity and other ill­nesses. Adults have been encour­aged to reduce their fat intake to about 30 per­cent of their total daily calo­ries. And cho­les­terol low­er­ing drugs (statins) have been pop­u­larly prescribed. Just

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Sand Xercise

Explore the Science and Benefits Associated with Exercise in the Sand Sand is softer…Natural Cushion Instead of pounding your joints and feet on hard pavement, sand acts as a natural cushion. Health advocates say that walking barefoot grounds us. At the very least, it reconnects us to nature’s beauty which helps reduce stress as life

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Chiropractic Aids Athletic Performance

By Dr Deed Harrison All 32 teams in the US National Foot­ball League have chi­ro­prac­tors on staff. So do 27 of 30 Major League Base­ball teams and most teams in the National Bas­ket­ball Association. Ath­letes from Tiger Woods to Michael Jor­dan have pub­licly praised chi­ro­prac­tic for pre­vent­ing injuries and improv­ing performance. What do pro­fes­sional ath­letes know that week­end war­riors don’t? They believe that

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