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Snowflake or Snowball?

As the holiday season and the great Canadian winter approach, take a moment to consider a snowflake. It’s unique and amazing on its own, but if it unites with a lot of other snowflakes, they gather enormous power; creating havoc or a winter wonderland (depending on your point of view). You’re like that snowflake: amazing

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Walk this way… for life!

As a Chiropractor, we want you to keep holding us accountable to being your role model for optimal health while we continue to pray into each one of you the vision we have for your families improved health & healing – including decisions to incorporate more consistent movement & healthy exercise into your weekly wellness

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Moms Matter Most

Easier, Safer Birth and Pregnancy I remember when I first discovered that I was pregnant I organized a plan for the next 9 months to provide as healthy an environment as possible for our little growing baby. I became more conscious of what foods I was putting in my body. I stopped using products that

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